Halfive Document Specification (The encoding format of H5T and H5NET)

SPDX identifier: COIL-1.0

Copyright Nomagno 2021, 2022, 2023

It is recommended to use the “.h5doc” extension for H5DOC documents (where applicable). H5DOC is identified by the MIME type text/x-h5doc

H5DOC is a simple storage format for slightly nested data

The relationships between data are determined by three bytes:

The types of elements are determined by these rules:


    first_key 1 6 !k

Same document, but encoded with newline marked as '\n' and horizontal tab marked as '\t':

_SUPER_SECTION\n\tfirst_key 1 6 !k\n\t_SUB_SECTION\n\t\tsecond_key\n_SECOND_SUPER_SECTION

’_SUPER_SECTION’ is a section that contains a key ‘first_key’, (with values ‘1’, ‘2’ and ‘!k’) and another section ’_SUB_SECTION’, which contains a key without values ‘second_key’. After ’_SUPER_SECTION’, there is ’_SECOND_SUPER_SECTION’, an empty section